Sep 17, 2018 – Hurdles

Premarket Insight

Volume seems a bit low for a Monday as of 07:50 ET as I do my volume check. Seems to be a bit of hesitation in the markets due to continuation of “trade war” tariffs talk between the U.S. and China. At this point, NQ pretty much trading sideways with no real volatility, volume at 40k. Fingers crossed for things to pick up at the open.

Nothing significant on the calendar today.


COB Recap

Super volatile price action at the open tricked me and I missed my entry for a short trade I had setup but removed because it seemed price action was reversing. Feeling frustration from that I ended up over-managing later trades and decided to end my day early after the second scalp. Took away $50 but should have been $400 had I let those trades play out per the strategy. I seriously need to get over this hurdle of over-managing my trades.

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