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Sierra Chart Update Guide

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE In this guide we will go over how the Sierra Chart update feature works. In this guide we will


Master The Markets And Make More Money

We talk about financial markets a lot; but exactly what do we mean by “markets?” If you’re new to trading, you may immediately think “NASDAQ;”

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Missed the Train – Aug 20, 2020

THE POWER IS WITHIN! PREMARKET ROUTINE & THOUGHTS Premarket volume check was done at 09:22 Yoga meditation mix done for about 15 mins Had a

Sep 11, 2018 – Back in Action

I’m back!!!   I took a break from for a while to “go into the lab” and work on some areas I desperately needed to

May 14, 2018 – Costly Mistakes

Premarket Insight Spent some time this weekend getting some practice in using Think Or Swim’s back trading feature OnDemand. (Will review this and the platform

May 11, 2018 – Give Me a Break

Premarket insight Continuing with failure to capitalize off bull grind yesterday is exposing holes in my trading execution. Took a significant amount of time this