Jul 24, 2018 – Scrimmage

Premarket Insight

Did a bit of in-depth studying last night with some replay back trading. Feeling good about my plan and strategy for today.

Again, CL got off to an early start, this time bullish, jumping more than 66 ticks (0.45%) as of 07:25 EST. NQ currently just trading sideways after the big push bullish from GOOGL’s earnings report “smashing” expectations after yesterday’s closing bell. Good chance that push continues today, in my opinion.

Nothing interesting on the calendar today. However, a slew of earnings from HOG, VZ, LMT, MMM, UTX, and BIIB, to be released before the bell, should be more than enough to give some life to the market.


At the Bell

Didn’t take any live trades premarket but I did successfully exercise what I studied and practiced yesterday through paper trading. NQ started a bullish run in the premarket beginning after 08:00 EST but didn’t do much in the first five minutes after the bell. Looking over-bought based on the $TICK. And as soon as I typed that it took off strong bullish (LOL). Guess the $TICK just meant more buyers were coming in. I will be looking for some pullback for entry as I already missed where I would have preferred to enter due to time based rules.


COB Recap

Was a little too impatient on my first play which was the play that put the red in my day. Other than that, the improvements made to my execution really helped and I did much better than the past few days on this cold streak. Missed one on CL and NQ, in which the NQ was simply due to me having to step away from the computer for a second. Time will take care of what happened with CL as I continue to improve my skills. Overall satisfied with the day. The focus is on perfecting the execution, not the P/L column which will be taken care of with perfect execution and discipline.


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