Sierra Chart Update Guide

In this guide we will go over how the Sierra Chart update feature works. In this guide we will be using the Sierra Chart Installer to get the latest version or roll back to a previous version.

Most of the time you will receive a message when logging in when there is a new version available.

However, some times you may miss the message or not get it for whatever reason. Here’s how to check for an upgrade and upgrade to the latest version or go back to a previous version.


Go to Help and Download Current Version


If you want to go to a previous version, select Install Previous Version


There is also the option to Download a PreRelease, but with typical beta upgrades, errors should be expected

Continuing with the upgrade, after clicking Download Current Version, the Message Log will pop-up and after a few seconds you should see a window stating “The installer program has been downloaded.”

Click Yes


Save your Chartbooks by clicking Yes on the next window. Sierra Chart should shutdown


The Sierra Chart window will open. Check the Version dropdown to make sure it “Current Version” is selected and you see the version to be installed in the message window below



Click Install

NOTE: The Version dropdown is where you can also choose to download a Previous Version or PreRelease


Next, you will see messages showing the installation is in progress


When it’s finished you will get a pop-up showing the installation is complete


Click OK


Then Close the Sierra Chart Installer


Sierra Chart will automatically restart


Go to Help and About to check what version you are running
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