Mismatch Charting – AUG 14, 2020



  • Woke up a few minutes later than usual due to a little sleeping troubles last night
  • Started day off with about a 15 min yoga and meditation session
  • Feeling rested and positive 😊
  • One area of improvement – Neglected to setup my NinjaTrader chart last night with my power range drawings. Had to get that done before the open
  • READY!

Remember the setup DOES NOT have to be PERFECT.


09:32 – Looking choppy out the gate. Not surprising for a Friday. I usually like to not trade aggressive on Fridays

09:35 – Was thinking to go short there before the close of the candle at 167 but my plan is to make trading decisions on closed candles ONLY, so passed. As I’m writing this, I’m reminded why I have that rule by the price action.

09:41 – We can see how wild price action is looking at the 1 min and tick chart.. I’m seeing scalping opportunities, but do to this battle zone we’re trading in I choosing to sit on the sidelines and just wait until things calm down a little.

09:44 – Opening my quad chartbook to get a snapshot of the other markets

09:46 – Looking at next support range at 149 – 138 (ish)

09:50 – Short taken at 150 to ride momentem but didn’t work out the way I would like. Mental stop loss, Could have held it a little longer for a scalp but not worth the risk in my mind. Wanted a pullback to the 160 area..

09:52 – Noticing conflicting Fib lines between Sierra anc NinjaTrader… Let’s see which ones are more relavant. Interestingly my power range lines are drawn identically, hmmm….

10:00 – [THOUGHT] Need to check how detailed I can get with NinjaTrader hot keys.

10:05 – Accidently place and order short with hotkey in Sierra trying to print screen (LUCKY!)

10:08 – As of right now Fib lines on Sierra look more relevant. They’re actually too many lines on NinjaTrader. Need to look into that later.

10:11 – [THOUGHT] BTD has a greater probability of success when near the 20 ma

10:13 – I froze for a second seeing the extra Fib line on NinjaTrader which led to me missing out on this big move short!

10:17 – Gotta figure out a better way to place stop limit orders on NT8. Not a fan of the current setup. Was looking at a breakout trade but couldn’t get order placed fast enough.





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