Sierra Chart Review – Trading and Charting Platform

Sierra Chart is one of the most comprehensive trading platforms on the market. This platform provides a ton of features that any retail trader can use to trade Futures, Forex, and CFDs like a pro. Sierra Chart is by far my favorite trading platform (with TradingView a close second) that I could easily go for days with this Sierra Chart review explaining the reasons why, but I’ll try to keep this article short.

I have used several platforms, including Thinkorswim, TradingView, Generic Trade, and more. After giving the Sierra Chart platform a try when changing brokers to AMP Futures, I fell in love instantly and haven’t looked back since.

At the end of this article are videos where I give an overview and tips on the Sierra Chart platform. You can check it out after reading this short article, or you can skip the read and go straight to the videos.

Loads of Good

For me, Sierra Chart was like combining everything I loved about other platforms I have used into one. Before finding this platform, my setup consisted of various platforms that I would reference in order to trade and make decisions. Now, I can conveniently do everything I need, (trading, back testing, etc) all from one platform.

Plus, one of my favorite things about this platform is how lightweight it is, even with the robust functionality of the system. Coupled with AMP Futures, I have full flexibility to analyze years of data at my discretion.

Features Galore

Here is a list of some of the key features this platform has to offer.

  • Stable and Highly Customizable
  • Highly Customizable Charts
  • Basic and Advanced Back-testing Functionality
  • Highly Customizable Alerts
  • Full List of Studies, Indicators, and Drawing Tools
  • Automated Trading Using Spreadsheets or Studies
  • Chart and DOM Trading
  • Advanced Custom Studies, Indicators, and Trading Systems
  • Supports Numerous Data and Trading Services
  • Supports Stocks, Futures, Currencies/Forex and Options
  • Excellent Comprehensive Documentation

Click here for a full list of features and pricing.

The above list is just to highlight some of the key features of the Sierra Chart platform. There are so many ways to customize the system I could literally write a series of books on the platform. BUT, instead of writing books, I decided to cover some of those features in a video series.

The first of this series of videos gives an overview of the system and how I personally use the platform. I will be continuously posting videos about the Mv3Trader channel that can be found here.

The Not So Good

As with anything else, with the good there has to come some “bad”. With so many bells and whistles, this platform can be a bit overwhelming, especially to a newbie. It takes a bit of time to get used to all the different elements and features of the system. While you definitely don’t need to use every inch of the platform to get the job done, there is a learning curve to getting a feel for the system depending on how you like to trade.

While I haven’t needed to use it as of yet, I have heard some not so good reviews about their support. They do not have phone or chat support to help when you are stuck with something. Most support for this system is achieved through their forum. While their help documentation can pretty much assist with most of the issues you will run into, not everyone is a fan of reading through technical documentation to solve a simple problem.

On that note, their documentation is not very user-friendly either. As mentioned above, you have to be a fan of reading since there are no video tutorials or visual references to help the user understand the material easily.

Video Reviews and Tips

This is one of the main reasons I decided to make a Sierra Chart video series. I don’t mind reading the documentation or figuring something out through trial and error. I’ve learned a lot about the platform since I started using it and I’m still learning new things.

Below is a series of videos where I cover Sierra Chart. These videos can help you get started with the platform. In the future I will be adding to this series, going into more details about various features of Sierra Chart, so stay tuned for more!