May 24,2018 – Trump and the Bears

Premarket Insight

Five days left in the trading month. Focus for the remainder of the month is to be disciplined with no more red days.

Retrospect from yesterday, I should have had a much more profitable day. Things I could have changed: been a little less aggressive in the premarket with there being such a big move before I started trading. Been more aggressive with my entry in the market hours with there being “normal” volume back in the market. Exercised more discipline with my exit strategy.

Could have capitalized on 1400 Fed news. Typically I don’t trade the afternoon, but with this catalyst had a good opportunity to get as much as an additional 2R.

Today thinking to only paper trade in the premarket and trade in live account at the bell. We’ll see how the market looks at 6am.

…And of course today would have been a good day to trade premarket. When I finally sat down at my trading desk at 7:00, caught a successful paper trade.


At the Bell

Not a whole lot happened in the premarket before the bell. Volume looking average and seems price will be pretty much consolidated for a few mins while it battles at yesterday’s close.

Only significant news on the calendar today is at 10:00 so hopefully this will bring some volatility into the market before lunch.


COB Recap

Got off to a rough start with a mistake entering my order and then first play not working out. Recovered some of the loses not long after thanks to volatility. Apparently (as reported in chatroom), the super volatile dip before 10:00 was due to Trump news canceling meeting with Kim Jong Un. At any rate, caught two scalps off the dip.

Overall, not a terrible day. Could have been much better had I avoided that earlier mistake. But still happy I was able to end the day green. Adjusted the configurations in trading platform so this should be an issue anymore. All apart of the process I guess. #TrustTheProcess



Mv3 Trader

“Trade Consciously”


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