May 16,2018 – Just Another Day at the Office

Premarket Insight

After the major bounce off resistance today and hearing about some news of analysts predicting this is the top of the market, expecting a “the sky is falling” sentiment with some bears coming in to play today. But as always staying ready for anything. Anything is always possible in this market. May even do a little paper trading in TOS just to get some live practice in, like a scrimmage in sports.


At the Bell

Market looked to be pretty much opening at yesterday’s close before a crazy bull surge 15 mins before the bell. This after the priced bounced around a little premarket not really taking any particular direction. Volume a little lighter than yesterday. Only took two plays premarket from also doing a little market research and seeing the indecision of the market.


COB Recap

Not really much action today before lunch. NQ continued bullish about 30 points (+0.45%) choppy before a pullback. managed to grab 1 scalp on a new HOD breakout. Thought it was going to be a false breakout resulting in a loss but staying disciplined allowed me to capitalize on the move. Check out this play below share from my TraderVue.


**Go figure, the price took off strong bullish right before lunchtime again. Yaaaay…. (cue sarcasm)



Mv3 Trader


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