Jun 7, 2018 – Just Scalping the Bears

Premarket Insight

I’m a little upset with Nasdaq (NQ) this morning with it making a nice bullrun into new all-time high territory after my trading time in the afternoon. Thought we were friends. LOL Reading news, seems markets’ afternoon push was led by financial stocks.

It’s all good. I expect there will be some retest at some point but staying open to anything in this irrational market. May be wrong for this, but I wouldn’t mind a nice flash crash. #ImJustBeingHonest

Will only play GC (gold) if the volume breaks the 100K mark. Alert set.


At the Bell

Again, another day where not much happened premarket. Spent the premarket working on other business.

NQ leaning more bearish from the bell. Placed my order below the support.


COB Recap

Got 2 nice moderate scalps from the bears after the open. Using a more aggressive strategy could have got much more but there’s nothing ever wrong with getting wins. No more plays after that. Took my ball and went home. 🙂


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