May 9, 2018 – Choppy Frustration

Not sure what the deal is with all this choppiness in the market. I know my experience is limited with my short time of trading, but I’ve never seen an earnings season this choppy.

I was actually thinking about this before my trading time this morning and I feel it is a combination of fear with all the recent volume plus the amount of mixed news coming out. I even read something in a chat that mid-term elections could be having effect on market. Basically, there’s so much going on at one time it’s causing indecision in the market.

Some people are having pretty good success scalping equities, but since I’m trading futures of the overall market, makes things a little tougher for me.

Then finally the market decided to take off bullish at lunchtime. Days like this are so frustrating. Hopefully this is good news for tomorrow. The crazy thing is my last trade, I was actually in this move but had my stop too tight based off my strategy and stopped watching due to it being so close to lunchtime.

Had I risked more the feeling would be much different right now. Instead, what happened is it pretty much bounced off my stop before continuing the move bullish. you can check that play in the image below.


Mv3 Trader