Nov 16, 2018 – Early Day

Premarket Insight

Not much stands out this Friday as we close out the week. Headlines only pointing out China trade talks and disappointing earnings news from Nvidia, which could be the cause of early morning selloff for Nasdaq futures. As of 08:00, NQ has traded down more than 0.75%, but still a good distance away from support at the 6760 area. However, we are seeing heavy resistance from the daily 9 EMA.


Premarket volume check showing moderate strength with CLF19 above the 100k of volume mark. Today a majority of volume made the swing over to contract month F for Crude Oil. Crude also climbing higher in the premarket, up more than 1.50% before 08:00 EST. While Gold and Euro Fx futures are bullish, both are practically trading sideways.


Stay calm, plan the trade, and trade the plan.


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