May 29, 2018 – Italy Selloff

Premarket Insight

Yesterday being a holiday, the futures market was open for half the day. There was a little action with a little traffic that could have actually been playable. I just like to not trade on these days, but I have seen from my experience these half-days are actually playable.

Today, before 6 am EST, NQ had major selloff with much more volume than we’ve seen lately. It’s down .61% on 88K of volume. Major activity in premarket turned out to be due to news on Italy.

Did a lot of studying and adjusting this weekend, so I’m super ready. Let’s do this!


At the Bell

After big premarket action, open of the market showing typical action as of late with the exception of a lot of volume. NQ basically trading in the range created in the big premarket selloff.


COB Recap

Was only able to catch two scalps with the dull market after the bell. However, bright note, the adjustments I made to my strategy over the weekend helped out a lot. Keep in mind, I didn’t change a thing about the core of my strategy. Just made an improvement. Like adding a part to a car to improve the performance.

Not a bad day. 🙂



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