Sep 28, 2018 – Lock the Gains

I decided not to trade in the real account today to I achieved the goal of a green month. Closing the month up +$330, growing the live account about 20%. Definitely would have liked for it to be more but that’s a major improvement over last month where I lost over $2000! So, I am definitely not complaining. I improved greatly over the summer.


On another note, I did trade in the Topstep Combine account. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong day and time to trade with extreme aggression in that account, taking a huge step backwards before having to exercise my three strikes rule. I made a couple of mistakes, so I’m more to blame than the market even though it definitely wasn’t the easiest market to trade.


Check today’s COB Recap video as I review the trades for today and my performance for the month.


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Mv3 Trader

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