Sep 24, 2018 – Topstep Combine Day 3

Bit of a frustrating day which you can probably hear in my COB recap video below. Had some issues with Topstep’s data and platform that resulted in a red day, plus the following breakout news that cause some issues for several people. But good thing I did not take any live trades with my real money today. Maybe I will return to the live account today now that I have confirmed I can trade in two accounts at once with no real issues.
Axios report at 10:30 – Rosenstein resigning apparently causing strong selloff that I got stopped out on after getting stopped out on a scalp that could have hit target without all the erratic volatility. In the future need to be more careful when the price action is choppy like that.
Gave away all my profit on 2 back to back stop outs. All that followed by getting stopped out with how TSTrader’s new BE feature works.. Need to figure that out later. Check out the Recap video below for details.
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