Sep 13, 2018 – Minor Setback

Premarket Insight

Should be interesting to see how the market responds to Hurricane Florence. According to, energy, insurance, materials, and industrial stocks tend to get a boost in activity during natural disasters. So far, the European bulls came to play strong in the market.

On the calendar today, Core CPI at 08:30 ET. Fed is scheduled to speak at 10:00 ET but has low prediction of affecting the markets.


COB Recap

First red day of the month. Had some issues with my chart platform due to NQ rolling over to the next contract month automatically which resulted in me taking a scalp on the first trade that should have hit target.

Not too bad making it almost half the month without a losing today. In retrospect, might have been a bit too aggressive on a rollover day with how far the price had already pushed since the premarket. Price got super choppy before 11:00 ET. There’s a chance I could make it back but due to previous red days like this, just going to take my losses here and trade another day.

Today is the primary reason why I need to let my winners play out to hit the target. These losses wouldn’t have as big of an impact to my P/L.

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