Sep 12, 2018 – Improvement

Premarket Insight

NQ has a decent bit of selloff in the premarket after the bearish push in the Euro hours. Current volume as of 09:00 ET is pretty strong for this timeframe. Market showing potential to be an interesting day.

On the calendar today, Core PPI at 08:30 ET and Crude Oil Inventories at 10:30 ET.


COB Recap

It was another day of strong but odd early selloff out the gate as the bell rang. My first trade, I ended up screwing myself yet again for just a small scalp that should have been a play that hit target.

The next play I took I almost had to literally sit on my hands to keep myself from jumping out of the trade too soon. What I’ve noticed from the past few weeks of trading is the selloff typically happens much faster, stronger, and irrational than strong bullish days.

I was done before 10:30 for a profit of the day of $180. Could have easily been $350 but I’m not complaining. Just need to keep myself from taking myself out of trades too soon moving forward. The way I have my strategy setup with my broker will take care of erratic price action a majority of the time. Discipline for my entries have improved drastically, so I have no reason to be over-managing these trades so much.

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