Oct 9, 2018 – Making Progress

Premarket Insight

European market continues selloff for the Nasdaq, as well as their currency, for the futures session. NQ has seen a drop of more than 0.60% in the premarket while traders show interest in what Fed speakers have to say throughout the day in terms of inflation trends. However, market watchers are only expecting moderate volatility in the market from Fed talk. Check investing.com for details.


Daily volume check showing decent strength in the premarket. As of 08:00 CLX18 and 6EZ18 has surpassed 100K volume market with GCZ18 looking to cross the line soon at 97K. Other than the bearish sentiment for NQ and 6E, GC trading neutral while CL coming into a rest following a bullish run from the open of today’s futures session.


COB Recap

Total Profit = $635


Topstep Combine – $505

AMP Futures (live) – $130




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