Oct 3, 2018 – Green Frustration

Premarket Insight

Markets getting off to a slight bullish start, and according to headlines, Powell gets the credit for boosting confidence with his speech. Other than that, economic calendar showing somewhat of a busy day with ADP, PMI, and Crude Inventories in sight. Check Economic Outlook for details. NQ currently up 0.20% early in the Futures market session.


Volume check at 07:30 EST showing moderate strength. However, only 6EZ18 the only contract over 100K of volume with GCZ18 about 7K away from that mark. Not expecting much excitement from CL until after inventories report at 10:30 EST.



COB Recap

Another day of struggles in the morning session but the good thing is I was able to walk away with some profits today. Took a total of 6 trades, 5 in NQ and 1 in CL, for a total of $155 in the Topstep account. Also, took my first trade in my live account for the month for a $55 profit. Let’s hope this month gains some momentum sometime soon. Watch today’s recap below for details of my trades today.



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