Oct 2, 2018 – Slow Chop

Premarket Insight

Following the strong selloff in the yesterday’s afternoon session (I totally missed that easy money), Nasdaq futures (as well as other indices) continue to fall bearish leading up to the opening bell. As of 07:30, NQZ18 traded down more than 0.50% at it lowest point. Looks to be entering a channel, seeing resistance from the 5-minute VWAP. Additionally, Economic Outlook has Fed in sight with Powell speaking during the lunch hour.


Also, it will be interesting to see what happens with Crude Oil after soaring into new four-year high territory. So far, Crude is trading sideways but it would be fair to expect some retracement, from profit takers and traders looking to take advantage of pullback following the bullish strength.


Big picture, volume check shows strong volume for the premarket with CLX18 and 6EX18 above 100K of volume. GCZ18 only 4K from reaching the 100K volume mark.

In addition to price action mentioned above for NQ and CL, 6E trading bearish while GC looking bullish.


COB Recap

Another low energy morning. I’m sure traders are waiting for Powell to speak which is unfortunate for traders like me who only trade the morning session. At the open, I as a bit too aggressive and entered short anticipating the signal instead of actually waiting for the proper signal. Ended up getting stopped out for a full loss.


As usual when I get off to a losing start like this, I struggled for the remainder of the day. Only catching some small scalps to make a small portion of the losses back. The fortunate part is this was all in the Topstep account, so I didn’t lose any real money.


Also, I worked on working CL back into my trading plan. Took two trades on CL that both were break even only due to working out some kinks with how I had things setup. I also paper traded in Sierra Chart with not much better results. Watch the video below for details of how the day went. Really hoping things are better tomorrow. Honestly, I will be a little upset if things take off in the afternoon after Powell speaks like what happened yesterday after Trump’s speech.




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