Nov 21, 2018 – Just Watching

Premarket Insight

Last full trading day of the week and a busy one as expected. With QQQ and SPY gaps to fill, traders are expecting some rebound to take us into the holiday. Looking at Nasdaq futures, currently up more than 1.45% and climbing, looks like its ETF equivalent will gap up into the open. Of course, we know we must ALWAYS be prepared for anything. Also, Economic Outlook showing a full schedule through lunch and a couple more earnings to report but nothing that should make a major impact on the broader markets.


Premarket volume check showing a ton of strength with NQZ18, CLF19, and 6EZ18 well above 100k of volume early. All four contracts on my primary watchlist (NQ, CL, GC, 6E) trading bullish. Minor exception is CL can be seen as slightly neutral but is definitely climbing, support by the VWAP on the 5-minute chart.


Stay calm, plan the trade, and trade the plan.


COB Recap

Profit $10. Hard boring day for me to trade.



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