Missed Opportunities, Distractions – Aug 21, 2020



  • Meditation done this time without the yoga session, trying out a meditation guide on Audible
  • Feeling energized, calm and ready to trade well
  • Raining outside and I like the ambience of it. Wouldn’t mind a hard rain while I trade
  • Focused and know exactly what I need to do
  • Let’s goooooo!

Remember the setup DOES NOT have to be PERFECT.


09:20 – After today’s session I want to play around with hotkeys. Saw some interesting videos on YouTube about NT8 hotkeys last night

09:25 – Interesting v-shape pattern premarket

09:34 – Looks like we have a lot of buyers sitting at the 470 area. Removed original order to give them another shot at pushing the price higher before attempting to take a quick short. Thinking if we get filled down there we can eat the stops (hard and mental) of the buyers

09:36 – Scalp play worked, runner got stopped out for a small loss overall. [HINDSIGHT CAPITAL] Would have been better to take that one at the break into the wick of the previous candle.

09:41 – Looks like bears are going to have a big fight on their hands this morning. any short play needs to be aggressive at the best price

09:46 – Lack of confidence in the NT8 order but want to pull the trigger so took it in Sierra sim. Still working on my limit order placements

09:48 – Wife being kind of loud rn while cooking.. a little distracting. Need a secret cave to trade in lol

09:51 – Glad I didn’t hold that order in NT8. Would have better to play the price action over the indicators I was looking at. Play still looks long but choppy

09:53 – [RANDOM THOUGHT] Interesting how perspectives change. Friday’s used to be my favorite day of the week with dreadful Mondays.. Now completely the opposite.

10:00 – Distracted myself with making a Twitter post. Psychological regroup

10:10 – Up to this point the pivot point at 469 has been a reliable buy location but could break down if price continues to retest.

10:14 – I made the mistake of allowing myself to get distracted with another livestream on YouTube where they were having a low frequency conversation about coronavirus. Almost got involved but made the better decision to just remove myself from that waste of energy.

10:19 – Potential breakout into ATH above 500 but I don’t like breakout plays anymore.

10:24 – Setup looks so beautiful but the fact that it’s a breakout I passed and now kicking myself. Maybe I can get a retest…




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