Jun 5, 2018 – Frustrating Distractions

Premarket Insight

Two things on the calendar today, ISM Non-Manufacturing Employment and JOLTs Job Openings. Possibly could bring volatility into the market at 10am.

NQ started a nice bull run at 3am EST, jumping more than 30 points before 6am. Was initially thinking to trade GC before the bell but it’s looking light on volume now, so maybe I will pass on playing GC today.


At the Bell

Good decision to not play GC with live account, paper traded only. Could have only made a small amount of money. My time was better spent doing other business. Across the board not much at all happened. Out the gate, the battle between the bears and the bulls continues as the price bounces in a tight range.

With NQ coming up to a new all time high expecting to see some kind of pullback or indecision before another serious move. Today will take a lot of patience and discipline with this low energy on low volume.


COB Recap

Feeling a bit frustrated with second play of the day. Was getting distracted by things going on in the house so wasn’t as focused as I needed to be. After entering the trade, I adjusted the stop loss order to exit for less of a risk, but I didn’t make sure the order update was submitted. Got stopped out for a full R (risk) because I didn’t realize my mistake until it was too late. That basically returned me flat for the day.

However, was able to make it back later. Would have liked to have not taken that loss or much less of loss but what to do.


Got a nice scalp then gave it back. Click the image to see more.
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