Jun 4, 2018 – #Boring

Premarket Insight

Super slow in the premarket to start off the week. It’s definitely Monday. Nothing significant on the calendar for today.

This morning I will just be paper trading gold futures (GC), working on restructuring my day trading plan.


At the Bell

Up to the bell not a thing happened premarket really. Volume pretty much normal for what we’ve seen lately. Got a nice bullish pop in the first 5 mins of the open market but coming up to some key resistance. Staying patient and disciplined in my 10 min rule.


COB Recap

Not a thing happened after that 5 min run! Just hung out sideways, chopping in a weird flag-like pattern. Scrolling left, most of the action happened in the premarket at the break of the futures market session open after 7pm Sunday.

Made one attempt at a breakout that resulted in a half R loss. Oh well, to live and trade another day. Trading capital protected. ?



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