Jun 29, 2018 – Late to the Party

Premarket Insight

Last trading day of the month and others are expecting a slow market next week. However, I remember the same sentiment for the week of Thanksgiving last year, yet the market gave some of the best, easiest opportunities I’ve ever seen. So, I will stay ready.

Since last night I’ve been taking a deep look at CL and have noticed (late as usual) CL gives great opportunities every day. Officially I’ve decided to give my primary focus to playing CL, premarket and after the bell. This should allow me to grow my account to where I can play CL and NQ at the same time, fulfilling margin requirements for each. Or maybe I just trade multiple contracts on CL. But I do like trading NQ even though I have been struggling with it as of late.

Nothing significant on the calendar today. Volume looks decent across the board for my watchlist.


At the Bell

Premarket action, got one win off CL that took a while to get with the choppiness. Entry should have been sooner, but one of my indicators had me a bit hesitant. NQ has been trading in a range in the premarket. Trader sentiment from other traders is bullish predictions with eagerness to see what happens Monday based on historical events around the 4th of July.

Even though I have green lighted CL for market hours, I will stick to my rule of no trades in the first 10 minutes after the bell.


COB Recap

Feeling late to the party. Of course, CL picks today to have a ton of false breakouts that I’ve rarely seen in all my studies. Still today I was disciplined but would have been nice if that disciplined actually translated into big gains. It’s all good, it will work eventually.

One takeaway, exception to the ten-minute rule when CL is already trending. Catching that move would have changed a lot.

I actually ended the day with more wins than losses but those two false breakouts and strong volatility in a range bound day destroyed my green day. Next time… Next time.


Have a blessed weekend!


Wanted to end the month on a positive note. Click the image for more details.



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