Jun 27, 2018 – Oily Gold

Premarket Insight

A lot of action early today on my watchlist. NQ had a decent bearish push before 05:00 EST, currently down 0.48%. GC and CL also showing some decent movement early.

On the calendar today, Core Durable Goods at 08:30, Pending Home Sales at 10:00, and Crude Oil Inventories at 10:30 EST. Beginning to look as if it will be an interesting day. Have to be focused.

7:56 – Irritated with GC filling me in on a 1 min wick again before quickly stopping me out for a loss. I was just about to remove the order too because it looked as if it wasn’t going to get filled.


At the Bell

Also took a loss on CL with choppiness, which is really my fault because my entry should have been sooner. Late entry was on a false breakout putting me in not such a great position for the open. Going to be locked into the market today, focused on my execution so I will probably not annotate my insight on the 1st ten minutes today. Currently ten minutes to the bell getting everything setup, making sure I am ready to go with no distractions.

However, I will annotate NQ has had a ton of volatility today with great opportunity in both directions. Apparently, seeing messages in RLT’s chatroom, there was news from the treasury depart after 07:30 EST that brought in some strong bulls. Fingers crossed this is translated well into market hours.


COB Recap

Long story short, since I was off emotionally and mentally, I should have just sat out in the market today. Ended up deepening the whole to $560 in the red on the day, mainly due to lack of discipline. I missed an earlier trade which was followed by getting a good fill on another bullish play that I excited too early. Click the link image below to get the play-by-play of the mess I traded myself into today.

I should have been able to easily trade my way back into the green after the bell. I will be paper trading for the rest of the day to get my discipline under control. At this point, lack of discipline is no excuse.


Click the image for more details.


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