Jun 22, 2018 – Who Let the Bears Out?

Premarket Insight

06:18 EST: So far at the start of my day, nothing seems super interesting yet from my playlist. GC has been bouncing around a bit and CL seems choppy. Volume across the board is about average. Nothing significant on the calendar for today

NQ has had some decent pullback from yesterday’s selloff. Today could be a significant


At the Bell

Again, got sidetracked with other business. Missed some great opportunities on CL after the choppiness stopped.

NQ took a deep dive at the bell selling off hard right at the open from the premarket pullback. Dropped a whole 30 points out the gate! Of course, being disciplined with 10-minute rule, missed that whole move. Could be the start of a nice flash crash. Using the word there crash there lightly.


COB Recap

That first 15 mins led to the market dropping a whole 40+ points! Once again regretting the 10 min rule (LOL) but I’m keeping it. Can’t catch them all. However, I did manage to catch the second drop nicely.

…And then I let my impulsiveness get the best of me, giving most of it back stepping slightly outside of my strategy. Have to remember to use paper trading to scratch that impulsive itch when I want to do something that doesn’t follow my strategy to a T.

Later I made up for some of it catching a scalp on the fade, thanks to all my hard studying in recent weeks. Ending my day green. Not at much as it could have been but green is green and always a good thing. Now time to enjoy the weekend,


Have an amazing weekend everyone!


Catching an impatient scalp on the fade. Click the image for more details of today’s trades.


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