Jun 20, 2018 – Down But Not Out

Premarket Insight

Normal plan for today, play GC and CL in the premarket, NQ after the bell. Nothing exciting going on this morning. Everything seems to be just business as usual.

On the calendar today is some Fed news right at the bell, should be a very interesting open. Have to make sure I stay disciplined to my 10 min rule even though it went against me yesterday. Also, not as exciting IMO, Existing Home Sales at 10:00 EST.


At the Bell

Had a easy, quick play on CL in the premarket, however GC ate up all of that profit chopping around. On the 1st play got filled in on nasty wick before it proceeded to march back to my stop. In hindsight, probably should have just closed the trade when I saw the wick since I pretty much felt it was going to be a loser.

NQ continued a slow bullish climb into the open before bouncing around a bit at the bell for a nice bull pop that could have given me a scalp. 10-minute rule got me again but I’m sticking with the rule looking at the big picture.


COB Recap

Somehow, I completely forgot about the 10:00 EST news which made sense why the market had no energy. Tons of indecision.

Welp! Took another beating from the market today. But I’m down, not out. Actually, got some good insight from the chatroom I’m a member of (RealLifeTrading) that was pretty much to do the opposite of my normal strategy on super choppy days like this. I reviewed the market with that insight and it was on point!  A major difference between an up/down red day and a green day with ease.

Good thing I had that win with CL earlier to ease the pain a little. I will give the market the victory today and live to fight (trade) another day. Tomorrow. ?


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