Jun 12, 2018 – Trade Code Eight

Premarket Insight

The challenge for me today is staying focused on my trading with the other business I have to tend to elsewhere. The plan is the same as yesterday, watching for a play in GC in the premarket with NQ scalping after the bell.

Only thing on the calendar today is Core CPI news at 08:30 EST, of which I’m not expecting much to come out of.

Some other things that could create some noise in the market is news about the Trump and Kim situation and Fed activity, as reported on investing.com.


At the Bell

Ended up taking a loss in the premarket thanks to over-management on GC play. NQ bounced off a pivot point in the premarket, entering the bell bullish.

…And continued bullish in the first 10 minutes. Here, will be looking for a possible pullback and good support/resistance to setup a good place to enter.

At 10:00 EST TOS decided to stop feeding me data. Good thing I still have the data with TradingView as a backup. Had to switch over to keep trading.


COB Recap

Welp, today was another one of those days of many struggles. NQ kept bouncing around into it finally popped bullish into new high of the day, of course while I wasn’t paying attention, missing the move. By this time, I had redirected my attention to studying CL. At this point, can’t do anything but laugh.

Takeaway: I need to make some adjustments for how aggressive I am at entering. This will require making a very small tweak to how I play the original strategy I developed.

All-in-all, not a terrible day. A red day from over-managing the GC play premarket, but I can confirm I am still progressing as a trader. The market will be open tomorrow. 🙂


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