Jun 11, 2018 – In Other Business

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Monday is here again, YAAAAAY!!!

Did some in-depth studying on GC over the weekend between enjoying family time. Planning to go live on GC this week with high probability play based off studies. Hoping this week, we see the beginning of a new daily trend I can take advantage of.

Typical to Mondays, nothing significant on the calendar today, but a few things scheduled for this week that could bring some volatility into the markets mostly concerning the Fed and Trump. Will note them on the respective days.


At the Bell

Will miss open market today due to business meeting at 9am EST.


COB Recap

Only play of the day was on GC based off weekend studies, in the premarket. See details below from that play.

Got back to trading station around 11am EST after meeting to see I didn’t miss much. Decided to wait until tomorrow to make another trades when I can give my full attention. Happy was able to get one good play on GC that could have been more. Click the image to see how I should have played it.


Click image for more details.


Comment below with your opinions and questions.



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