Jun 1, 2018 – Stay Focused

Premarket Insight

Couple of key news events on the calendar today according to investing.com. I will miss the premarket but there could be some interesting action after 8:30 EST with Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate news providing a catalyst to the market. Only time will tell. Hoping it translates well into the market hours with plenty of volatility.

Also, ISM Manufacturing PMI may bring some additional energy into the market at 10:00 EST.


At the Bell

The premarket activity only resulted in a moderate swing of energy as the market dipped down to be slingshotted bullish. It calmed down into bell before pushing hard bullish again before 10:40 EST. Watching and waiting for a good setup, expecting some pullback here.


COB Recap

The pullback did come but super quick and I missed it paying attention to something else. The market continued to stair-step higher, but I didn’t take a single play. Lack of focus got me today. Too many side distractions…


Got’s to be more focused!


Mv3 Trader

“Trade Consciously”


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