Jul 9, 2018 – Simple Beginning

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Monday is here again and an exciting one for me. I was finally able to open an account with AMP Futures and today will be the first day I trade using Sierra Chart. I prefer this platform because it allows me to trade from the chart with some additional features for executing my strategy. Being overseas creates some challenges with setting up accounts with certain brokers, which is what took me so long to get this account with AMP. I will write an article about setting up an account for U.S. residents living abroad later.

Now, for the market, along with the continuation of the trade war drama and Fed news, this week kicks of Q2 earning season with some major banks (JPM, C, and WFC) reporting Friday. Nothing sticks out on the calendar today, but this should definitely be an exciting week.

We’ve already seen some significant action from CL (bearish) and NQ (bullish) before 06:00 EST on decent volume with it being so early. I’m all setup and ready to execute my trades with discipline and consistency.


At the Bell

Got off to a rough start, taking a loss followed by missing another one that would have been a winner on CL. CL and NQ mostly chopped around in the premarket after their early movement before 06:00 EST. So far for me it’s just been lesson learning. Now waiting for the next setup.

In the first five minutes, NQ continuing its bullish climb pretty strong.


COB Recap

Everything pretty much just bouncing around today. Missed one play that would have hit target on CL but was able to catch the below play on NQ after it retested the previous resistance. Ended the day kind of early after that play just taking a couple more paper trades and watching. Could have been better had I got the two plays I missed on CL but I’m starting the week and my first day in the new trading account in the green so I’m not complaining.


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