Jul 5, 2018 – One Second Victory

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Finally, the markets are back open! I remember a time when I eagerly awaited short work weeks and days off. That has completely changed since I took my day-trading full time! Yesterday was the longest 4th of July in my life! (LOL) I digress…

Anyway, logging in to my platform, I can see I wasn’t the only one missing the market seeing high volume and strong movement early in the premarket. Also, there are plenty of volatility catalysts on the calendar today.

  1. 8:15 EST – ADP Nonfarm Employment Change
    • with jobless claim 15 minutes later as a potential boost
  2. 10:00 EST – ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI
  3. 11:00 EST – Crude Oil Inventories
  4. 14:00 EST – FOMC Meeting Minutes


Should be a pretty eventful day. I spent a good part of the holiday yesterday getting some good back testing in on NQ and CL using Sierra Chart’s replay mode. On that note, hopefully I hear some good news today from AMP Futures setting up my account with them. I highly prefer that platform over Generic Trader.


At the Bell

Got one win and one loss on CL. The loss was bigger than the win so I’m currently in the red a little. That play was a bit too aggressive but I’m still counting it as a good play because the 1 min candles were kind of tricky.

Today I will be more than likely only playing CL since I no longer have the initial margin to play NQ with paying myself for June and the losses on Tuesday. It’s all good though since right now I prefer to play CL anyway.

Got off to not so great of a start missing my entry on CL at the open of the market being one mouse click too slow. Really hoping I can get this account with AMP soon. Having to use 2 platforms to make trades is doing too much. With Sierra Chart I can do everything right from the same platform. Plus, I can setup my strategy so that all I have to do is enter the play and let the strategy play itself out. Easy hands-free trading.

Now let me get focused…


COB Recap

Market got super choppy in the first hour of the open. CL basically slowed down to a crawl with very little action, where I found myself stuck in a play of agony as it chopped around between my entry and stop loss for 20 mins before finally stopping me out.


I decided to take a break around 10:30 due to the lack of action and walked to the store with my wife. Came back to see the volatility had picked up, so put my order in and got filled with $300 profit literally one second later! Nice to finally have one of those types of surges work out in my favor.


Taking a break now to eat some midnight lunch since I will be trading the afternoon session with the Fed news. See that one second play in the image below.



Click the image for more details.


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