Jul 3, 2018 – Chopped to Pieces

Premarket Insight

Getting logged in, volume looking pretty decent today for it to be just a half-day. I learned to stop paying too much attention to sentiment of a slow or inactive market due to holiday weeks based off historical experiences because since I’ve started trading I’ve seen that to be proven wrong time and time again.

So far NQ and CL pushing bullish with a nice, steady grind higher. Nothing significant for me on the calendar today, as suspected. Just staying optimistic, ready to hit the button.


At the Bell

Not much happened before the bell which is fine since I was busy with other business after doing some quick studying. NQ pulling back from morning bull ride into the bell.

At the open NQ dropped hard a whole 20 points in the first 5 minutes. CL looks to be gaining momentum as well. Didn’t take a play on it today at the bell since it didn’t seem to have much energy in premarket. If it starts trending, there should be another opportunity to get in. No sweat.


COB Recap

So pretty much I traded like a broken paperclip today. Took three loses in a row on NQ bearish with only one of them being good execution. The other two were late entries due to lack of focus being too chatty in the chatroom. Also, missed some great opportunities in the first 30 minutes of the open like a dear in the headlights with the strong selloff of NQ and CL. Gots-ta do better!

I almost didn’t post this due to the frustration (and embarrassment) but decided not to be selfish. LOL


Enjoy the day off everyone. Happy 4th!


You can still click this image for details of today’s plays.


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