Jul 19, 2018 – Uneventful Battle

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Honestly, finding it a bit challenging today to stay optimistic today, even though I clearly realize the reality of how solid my strategy is and how simple it is for me to get back in the green with discipline and consistency. It’s just the fact of how costly my mistakes from early in the week put me in the position of where I’m now fighting an uphill battle that was completely avoidable. Anyway, time to move on!

So far today, everything on my watchlist is playing bearish (NQ, CL, GC). CL and GC dropping hard in the Euro market hours. CL already down more than 80 ticks (1.20%).

My focus today will be on NQ since my current buying power will only allow me to take a play on NQ in my AMP account. Still have enough in my Generic Trade account to play CL and GC, but I really want to stay focused on one instrument for 100% accuracy and consistency.

On the calendar today, Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index at 08:30 EST. Not really expecting much volatility from that.


At the Bell

Didn’t take a single trade in the premarket, waiting for the open market volume. spent the whole-time back trading and realizing how I’ve been messing up by not sticking to trading my 5-minute timeframe. However, in the process I did improve my skill drastically than when I created my strategy.

Good thing I decided not to trade the premarket today, not a thing but a whole heap of choppiness. In the first 5 minutes after the bell NQ taking off pretty strong bullish. Waiting for a pullback to determine my entry. Need to take only the best entries with my account the way it is now.


COB Recap

Somewhat of an uneventful market this morning. Only took 2 trades on GC and NQ getting scalps off both for a very small but satisfying green day. Need to turn this around to where my green days are huge, and my red days are small. I’m doing it backwards right now. However, green is green so can’t complain. And what’s best is I know the problem is with me, not the market. Everyday remember to trade fearlessly with intelligence.


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