Jul 13, 2018 – Saved by the Oil

Premarket Insight

Getting started a bit late today in terms of looking at what’s going on with my daily playlist. Spent all morning back trading working on my strategy for currencies. Currently just focusing on Euro forex futures (6E). May go live with this strategy soon in my Generic Trade account since this strategy will be more hands off. Kind of like swing trading intra-day.

Speaking of Europe, NQ and CL has had decent bearish moves in the European market hours starting after 02:00 EST. There’s nothing on the calendar today, but as I mentioned Monday, today starts the Q2 earnings season with major banks reporting today. Should be enough to bring some volatility in the market. Maybe the S&P (ES) more than others. As always, staying ready for anything.

Goal today is to trade fearlessly, taking every opportunity I can catch based off my strategy.


At the Bell

Didn’t catch any action in the premarket. CL took off for what could have been a winner right at the start of my day. Mixed earnings reports from the banks resulted in a lot of indecision from the ring of the bell. Volume is present but seems as if the volatility started the weekend early.


COB Recap

Got back in the green with my last play on CL. Stopped taking plays on NQ after the 2nd loss and realizing there was too much indecision in the market. Would have really helped if I would have been paying attention and caught the short play I saw after my first 10-minutes rule. Was too focused on the CL play I was in.

Decided to stop trading around 11:25 and good thing since there were no more good moves. Ending the week in the green $660 growing the new account 44%. Time to enjoy the weekend. ?

Have a great weekend everyone!


The play that saved the day. Click the image for more detail.



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