Jul 12, 2018 – Not Feeling It

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Turns out yesterday was another day where the strong action was in the afternoon. On my watchlist, currencies (6E, 6B, 6J), crude oil (CL), and gold (GC) sold off hard after the morning session. Actually, they started their initial push after 10:15 EST. Really sucks missing moves like that but I really don’t like trading all day.

So far for today not much has happened with in NQ or CL On the daily NQ looking bullish and for CL some consolidation or additional selloff makes sense today. Staying ready for anything.

On the calendar Core CPI at 08:30 EST.


At the Bell

Took two losses early on CL. Price action is just way too choppy. Then it moved strong bearish a whole 96 points after I decided to stop trading until the open market when there should be more action. I missed two easy plays in that move. FML

NQ taking off bullish at the open from not much action in the premarket.


COB Recap

Made up my losses with a play on NQ buying the dip from the pullback of the bullish move at the open. Then after my 5-minute break between trades, saw I another play that I missed on CL from its pullback bouncing back bearish.

Might just call it a day today with this small win basically just paying for commissions. Not really feeling it today. Before I started trading today I was mentally preparing myself to take losses today but keep trading, however taking those two losses the way I did early really messed me up.

Key to note is I should have made more than $1,000 today had I been focused and taken all the opportunities. Even with the early big losses. Can say the same pretty much for every other day. Have to remember this as I go into each day with a fresh, positive mindset.


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