Jul 11, 2018 – Crude Luck

Premarket Insight

Spent the morning before my trading continuing my study on how I want to do some sort of swing trading currency futures using my Generic Trade account. Came up with some ideas that I will paper trade first before going with live money. Looks solid with back trading.

Volume looks pretty strong in the market this morning (NQ) selling off from yesterday’s doji on the daily chart.

On the calendar today, PPI at 08:30 and Crude Oil Inventories at 10:30. Nothing super exciting but with the volume today there’s a good chance we could see some decent action with Trump’s international activities.


At the Bell

Pretty slow premarket. Caught one on CL in the premarket but only a break even. Holding another through the bell which will probably end in another break-even due to time and me not liking to hold a play through the open.

NQ jumping bullish strong in the first few mins of the open.


COB Recap

Completely forgot about the Crude Oil report and got lucky thanks to discipline as it started to spike like crazy right before 10:30. It hit my target and immediately reversed in the opposite direction.

After that pretty much just ended up watching, missing one on NQ and paper trading a small winner and a small loser between CL and NQ. Almost 11:30 EST at the time of this writing contemplating taking my profits here and calling it a day.

Yep, I’m taking my winnings and going home. Someone told me the market will be open again tomorrow. ?


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