Jul 10, 2018 – Progress

Premarket Insight

Doing my premarket analysis a bit late today. I was setting up a chartbook for studying in my new platform and had to make sure I still made time for some yoga. At this point, with a new broker, I’m thinking what I will do with my previous broker. The commissions and fees are low, and they are still a good broker, I just don’t like their platform for day trading. I’m starting to study an idea I have for swing trading futures.

For the market, so far volume is pretty normal. Not much has happened on my daily watchlist (NQ & CL). Pretty much a bunch of chopping around. Patterns are still present to signify it could be a pretty interesting day when the crowd comes in.

Only thing on the calendar today is JOLTs Job Openings at 10:00 EST.


At the Bell

Caught one play in the premarket on some choppiness in CL. NQ still bouncing around but did have a bearish play after 07:30 EST that I could have played.

In the first few minutes of the open, NQ looks to be starting a fade as it’s ETF partner QQQ gapped up in the after-hours. Watching to see how far this goes. Was hesitant on another CL play with all the choppiness and missed an entry after the bell.


COB Recap

Market continued to chop around for the better half of the morning, yet I was able to end my day an hour early in the green with 50% accuracy. Even though my profit for the day was small at $205 I’m very happy because it wasn’t too long ago that days like this resulted in a day with a whole heap of red. #Progress


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