Dec 7, 2018 – Lucky Scalp

Premarket insight for today’s Futures market with technical analysis of Nasdaq, Crude Oil, Gold, and Euro Fx futures. Daily affirmations and preparations are always a bonus! ?

Premarket volume strength moderate today with CLF19 the only contract above 100k of volume so far. Gold looking light on volume. In today’s premarket analysis I cover BTC/USD in conjunction to my normal watchlist of NQ, CL, GC and 6E. 

Now is probably not a good time to buy into Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. 

Key Points for Today’s Premarket Insight:

  • Economic Outlook
    • Employment
  • Yesterday’s retracement
  • Cryptocurrency selloff headlines
  • Bitcoin
  • Live trading preperation

Forgot to mention the premarket strength is moderate withCLF19 and 6EZ18 being over 100k. GCG19 is not far behind at 92k of volume.

Stay calm, plan the trade, and trade the plan.

COB Recap

Total profit/loss = $65

  • Only scalps on a choppy RTY
  • Missed early bullish move
  • Successful paper trade in Sierra Chart

Even though I struggled with RTY in Topstep trader, I crushed it on NQ paper trading in Sierra Chart! The market was a bit choppy in the first hour of the open before beginning to fall later in the morning session. I decided to end the day early being in the green and satisfied with my results for the day. 

Side note: Trading by support and resistance is really theway to go with RTY! I detail how this worked out for me in a big way in thevideo. Enjoy!

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Mv3 Trader

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