Dec 12, 2018 – The Right Way

Premarket insight for today’s Futures market with technical analysis of Nasdaq, Crude Oil, Gold, and Euro Fx futures. Daily affirmations and preparations are always a bonus! ?

Key Points for Today’s Premarket Insight:

  • Economic Outlook
    • CPI
    • Crude Inventories
  • Trump headline
  • Euro Fx choppy
  • Premarket volume: Moderate-Strong

President Trump makes headlines in the premarket today, which seems to be an attempt to give the markets some needed lift in response to the recent selloff. Euro forex Futures a bit out of character today trading all over the place on strong volume. There’s plenty of things going on today that should make things interesting throughout the day.

Stay calm, plan the trade, and trade the plan.

Topstep Trader Combine Futures mid-market recap

Total profit/loss = $20

  • No Live Trades
  • Only 1 trade in TST
  • Choppy trend
  • Price action
  • Only scalps

Another morning of choppy price action. No trades taken in live account (AMP Futures) due to price action and my strategy would have only grabbed scalps at best. I know this because I paper traded in Sierra Chart.

There’s a way to correctly trade this kind of price action that I will detail in this video. With this low energy up to this point, I don’t feel like I will get a desirable setup without some significant pullback, so I’m deciding to end my day early again. There’s always Thursday!

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