Dec 10, 2018 – Back in the Game

Premarket insight for today’s Futures market with technical analysis of Nasdaq, Crude Oil, Gold, and Euro Fx futures. Daily affirmations and preparations are always a bonus! ?

Key Points for Today’s Premarket Insight:

In today’s Premarket Insight I give a little market news breakdown and advice for trading in a bear market.

Stay calm, plan the trade, and trade the plan.

COB Recap

Total profit/loss = $185

  • TST loss $-220
  • AMP profit $405

Back in the live trading game strong. I recognized the pennant pattern forming, typical of the morning session lately, and waited for a good setup. Saw my opportunity and took it WITHOUT over-managing my trade and it worked out in a major way. 

Really ecstatic about my trading today! Not because of the money but because of the way I traded my strategy without psychologically screwing my trade up. Now all I need to do is keep doing that consistently.

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Mv3 Trader

“Trade Consciously”

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