Daily Premarket Insight


Friday Premarket Insight

Premarket insight for today’s Futures market with technical analysis of Nasdaq, Crude Oil, Gold, and Euro Fx futures. Daily affirmations and preparations are always a bonus! ?

Key Points for Today’s Premarket Insight:

  • Economic Outlook
    • Retail Sales
  • Recession fear in sight
  • Contract month rollover index futures
  • Day off for me: Other business
  • Premarket strength: Moderate

Traders are feeling fear of recession over economic global concerns. Markets are seeing selloff across the board in all areas of today’sFutures market. Also, contract volume is shifting to next contract month (H) for index futures. Things are pretty slow right now, but there’s still a chance for some interesting activity throughout the day.

Stay calm, plan the trade, and trade the plan.

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