Aug 15, 2018 – FOCUS

Premarket Insight

Looking at my charts for the first time today at 07:00 EST, NQ and CL have already taken a significant nose dive, mostly in the Euro market hours. NQ already down more than 58 points (0.79%) which could be the start of the selloff I have been expecting. Hoping this translates well into the morning session after the open bell. As mentioned in my entry yesterday, NQ will be my only focus for today.

One the calendar today, Core Retail Sales (x2) at 08:30 EST and Crude Oil Inventories at 10:30 EST.


COB Recap

As far as my performance today, I pretty much traded like a fish fresh out of water. Took a loss on my first play making a mistake from lack of focus, getting distracted by events happening at home. Then the rest of the day was spent taking small scalps to get back to green. Ended the day with a whole $10!

On another note, after doing a quick recap, noticed my normal strategy wouldn’t have performed much better with the crazy volatility, giving me a bunch of scalps minus the loss. Good thing I updated my entry technique yesterday. Just need to execute it better next time.

Anyway, no complaints overall today. Good to at least have a green day again even if it is only $10.

BTW, CL would have been super easy to trade today. #StoryofMyLife.


Scalp city y’all, scalp, scalp city y’all.
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