Aug 14, 2018 – This Feels Personal

Premarket Insight

Logging into my platform for the first time today at 08:00 EST, so far volume looks good across the board. Price action of NQ and CL pretty strong, bullish so far. NQ looks to be entering some retracement at this point.

Today’s action could be pivotal, watching yesterday’s low. Could be similar to what happened back in February and March. That volatility would bring in great, much needed, profit potential. And I feel ready more than ever.

Nothing significant on the calendar today.


COB Recap

I know it’s not, but starting to feel like CL got something personal against me. Managed to get me to my three-strike rule right before making the move in the direction I was playing it. And this time I played it perfectly, just kept getting stopped out in a channel. Needless to say, I’m beyond frustrated.

Did better with NQ but took a loss on the last trade as well giving me just $10 profit on the day from being up more than $100. What a day!!!

Tomorrow I will be trading only NQ, mainly due to my low account balance at this point. It’s imperative that I remember to stay consistent tomorrow.


Terrible timing. Click the image for more details.




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