Aug 13, 2018 – Surprise, Surprise

Premarket Insight

New journal format, no longer doing the “At the bell” notes. This should help me focus by removing possible anxiety which leads to a FOMO play, either in the moment or later down the road because I missed something good in the first few minutes of the open. If I see something worth noting at that time, it will go in the COB Recap.

Spent most of the weekend just clearing my mind and emotions from the struggles of last week. Only reviewed some charts and my strategy a little just to verify some things.

So far today, market getting off to a strong start as has been the case for the past few weeks with good volume and volatility for the premarket. As usual, in the news more “trade wars” and the last bit of earnings to look out for. Hopefully we get some good volatility this week, however I feel fully prepared for whatever happens.

My main goal this week is to be consistent and disciplined with my strategy. Looking for the best entries and exits to give me the best opportunities by the design of my strategy. As far as the crippling fear, I have to keep in mind that it will take 10 full risk unit losses in a row to blow out my account, so I have absolutely nothing to worry about with how unlikely that is to happen.


COB Recap

Well, NQ was much better than every day last week. Actually, much better than I was expecting which resulted in me missing an entry that would have hit target. It’s all good because I later got in for half of the profit.

Now for my enemy CL (LOL). It took all of that above stated profit plus some before deciding to drop on a move that I never had a strategy-based entry. Needless to say, I’m beyond pissed with CL today. But have to remember that moves like this are rare and stick to my strategy which is better for the norm. I will get my revenge!!! Bwahahahahaaaa!

I didn’t lose much today so it’s all good. Stay consistent and disciplined all week. ?


Keeping it positive. Click the image for more details.



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