8 Oct 2018 – Win Loss

Premarket Insight

Happy Monday! No change over the weekend for Nasdaq Futures. After a bit of sideways action (or lack thereof) we see selloff continue in the European market hours before bouncing back to the 5-minute VWAP in the premarket.


As for the economic outlook not much scheduled for the week, however this week kicks off the Q3 earnings season. JP Morgan will be the first major company to release earnings Friday. Interested to see what this earnings season brings as Q2 earnings season came with a suppression of volatility.


Volume check showing some strength to kick off the week with GCZ18 and CLX18 above 100K by 08:00 EST. CL trading slightly bearish so far while GC already down by 1.09%. Euro futures experiencing a similar selloff as Gold futures.



COB Recap

Loss in Topstep – $-270

Profit in AMP – $90



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