Oct 26, 2018 – Blow Out Sale

Premarket Insight

The Friday after a wild day of trading, where we saw a nice bull run until Amazon and Google earnings wiped out the entire move on earnings. So far in today’s futures session, NQ continues to trade bearish down more than 1.60%. Analysts hoping GDP news can bring some much-needed support for this volatile market. Check the Economic Outlook for timing of GDP.


Premarket volume check showing a continuation of the strength we’ve seen all week. Everything on my watchlist, NQZ18, CLZ18, GCZ18, and 6EZ18, all above 100k of volume. CL and 6E both similarly have a similar bearish pattern so far. GC trading bullish after some sideways action leading up to the European market session.


Stay calm, plan the trade, and trade the plan.


COB Recap

Total Loss $-395

  • TST = $155
  • AMP = -$550



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