Aug 9, 2018 – At the Buzzer!

Premarket Insight

Looking at my charts for the first time today at 08:00 EST, noticing volume overall is better than yesterday. There was some pretty good action in the Asian market hours basically thanks to more “trade war” sentiment according to, but not much going on since. As of now, NQ volume looking a bit low leading up to initial jobless claims and PPI reports.

On the calendar today, Core PPI at 08:30 EST, as mentioned above.


At the Bell

Not much at all happened in the premarket. Today, my focus is to trade my strategy confidently with discipline, which should be the norm for me by now, but it is what it is.

Another day of extreme choppiness in the first few minutes of the market that got me, even though I traded my strategy to plan, so no stress. Just be ready for the next opportunity. It’s part of the job.



COB Recap

A rough and crazy morning getting mostly scalps just to get back flat after taking that early loss. Ended up taking one last “for the win” shot at NQ, but didn’t work out, putting me in the red for the day.

Got a couple baby wins on CL so that helps ease the pain. Even did a little overtime trading through the lunch hour, but still there was no energy in the markets. Tomorrow it is!


Missed the buzzer beater. LOL Click the image for more details.



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