About Us

Welcome to Mv3 Trader, a community environment focused on helping traders around the globe achieve success in the market with individualized strategies tailored to put your strengths at the forefront of your trading and investing.Mv3Header

A Closer Look into Mv3 Trader

As stated above, Mv3 Trader is all about YOU. The focus is to help you develop an individualized strategic approach to participating in the market. The beauty of having your very own strategy, tailored just for you, is in today’s market one of the most important keys to consistently bringing in the profits is having an edge. This means you have to be doing something different than the crowd. The statistic is 92 percent of all day traders fail. There’s more than enough room for you to be part of that 8 percent of successful traders but you must do it in your own way. That edge is the one and only YOU.

In addition to providing material that you can use to help develop your personalized strategy, you will have access to the founder’s daily trading journal, where you will get an inside view of the daily experiences, insights, and emotions, of a full-time day trader.

While the paid educational resources found all over the internet can be very helpful to learning how to be profitable from day trading, swing trading, and/or investing, you do not to pay a penny to learn how to successfully earn consistent profit from the market. Better to put that penny in the market.

Investing in yourself through time is just as valuable, if not more, than investing in yourself with your money. Let that money do the work for you. Remember, people were highly successful in the market well before all of these resources every existed. But thanks to the growth of the internet, there’s tons of information available to the world for free, such as here at Mv3trader.com!

Keep in mind, at no time will we ever give out any specific strategy that can be used on the market since that is not our goal. We believe in the inner power possessed by each trader. No one can teach you how to be the best version of you. But we can help guide you to discover the power trader sitting right there inside of you.

A Message from the Founder

I started this blog as a way to share my experiences growing as a day trader. During my first year of trading I feel I’ve gained a ton of knowledge and skill from my experiences and from watching others be successful, as well as fail in their attempts to gain profit from this volatile market. I’ll give a little sneak peek into a key of what it takes to be successful in the market right now… Don’t be afraid to lose but lose small! In fact, I feel failure is one of the best teachers in every aspect of life, and the stock market is no different. More on that later. Follow my trading experience as I journal my trading days right here on mv3trader.com!

Helping others is what’s at the core of what drives me through the journey of life. As well as sharing my experience, I will also be sharing my insights on how to develop a successful trading/investing strategy, so you too can build a winning strategy. All of this for FREE! My compensation comes from helping others achieve greatness.

As of this writing, I day trade the futures market. I started out day trading equities but as I progressed and developed my strategy and trading habits, I found futures to be the best fit for me starting out. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at my first year of day trading and how I got started to come in a later article.

I look forward to helping each and every one of you to put your best foot forward in this market full of opportunities. Always remember, the true power lies right there inside of you. Unleash it today and achieve greatness!

Trade It Easy,