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easy to follow instructions

Remove confusion with step-by-step instructions to frequently asked questions and more. Includes screenshots, easy to understand explanations and video walk-through.

real-world practical examples

Examples provided can be copied for trading live markets with ease. Get started with the essentials now. Get fancy with your personal customizations later.

convenient 24/7 access

The guide is available via the web using the Notion App, giving you the ability to use the app on any device no matter where you are. All you need is an internet connection. OR download it as a PDF for offline access.

Interactive community updates

As a working project, this guide has a unique section that values the input of our community. Interact within the guide to directly impact future updates at no additional costs.

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Everything in one convenient place: The Ultimate Charting Guide featuring Sierra Chart
Minimize the learning curve with real-world simple solutions to your most important questions. This guide comes with everything you need to get the most out of some the most comprehensive trading platforms.
Plus! All-inclusive future updates with a unique community input section. Together, we make this the best guide on the market!
Available in web, app and PDF format.
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What's inside?

Complete walk-through with the essential information you need to get started with your favorite trading platforms.

Step-by-step instructions to customize your charts with detailed screenshots. Learn how to customize the charts, DOM, shortcuts and everything within this robust trading platform to your personal taste. Make it your own!

Learn how to setup your charts using market profile information like the pros. Copy the sample provided in the guide as your own or customize to your liking using the tips and tricks detailed in the guide.

Learn how to make the most of the automation features within Sierra Chart and other popular platforms. Automation features include, spreadsheets, alert by condition, automated trade management and more. This guide covers them all.

Active subscriptions receive all updates in real-time. This guide is frequently updated with the latest info and new tips and tricks as they are discovered.  Notifications will be emailed to active subscriptions including the update in PDF format.

Within the guide is a special, unique section for user comments. Your input in this community section directly affects how the guide is updated. All with the goal of being the best, most comprehensive guide on the market.

As a bonus with yearly subscription, receive one FREE custom Chartbook upon request. Custom Chartbook requests must use ONLY native features and settings available within the Sierra Chart platform. Special coding not included. Details for how to request custom Chartbook will be included in the Welcome E-mail.



Quick Start Guides

Download the free guides instantly! Quick Start Guide for Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader 8 and more! Complete instructions to get started with video walk-through.

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